The Process of Producing Spring Mattress

  • By:JLH
  • Date:2022/01/22

The spring foam mattress is the most commonly used mattress with better performance on the market, and its main structure is the spring. Spring mattresses have the advantages of good elasticity, good support, strong air permeability, and durability. The spring mattress supports every part of the body evenly, keeps the spine naturally straight, fully relaxes the muscles, and reduces the number of turns during sleep. How are spring mattresses made? What is its production process? What does the inside of a spring mattress look like?


First of all, the first process is neither the production of springs nor the quilting, but the selection and purchase of raw materials and the inspection of incoming materials. This is the primary process of production, and it is a process that requires strict quality control. The appropriateness and qualification of raw materials are directly related to the production quality, use experience and service life of the finished mattress.



The second process is to quilting. Quilting is a semi-finished product that sews fabrics, PP foam and non-woven fabrics used in mattress fabrics into different patterns through a quilting machine. The final form of expression is the fabric on the top and bottom layers of the mattress, which is also the most direct contact place for people. The embroidery, handle and logo on the side of the mattress are also completed in this link.


The third process is to make springs and bed nets.This one-step process can be carried out at the same time as cotton, because it is two independent steps. Springs are generally divided into three types: independent pocket springs, continuous springs and bonnel springs. The most commonly used independent pocket springs are to put coil springs into independent non-woven pockets, and then glue the spring-loaded cloth bag strips into a whole. The continuous spring and bonnel spring are the steps of threading the spring to connect each spring into a whole.



The fourth process is buckle cloth. The buckle cloth is to combine different foams, cushions, quilting and bed nets in order with hot melt adhesive. The fifth process is tapping. The tapping is to sew together the upper and lower fabric layers laid in the previous process with the edge belt, so that a mattress can be finished. Finally, the finished product inspection and packaging, so that the entire mattress process is completed. The above is the production process of a complete memory foam spring mattress


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