Compression Roll Mattress Is A Good Choice For Family

  • By:JLH
  • Date:2022/01/24

Firstly, we need answer three questions :

  • Are you troubled that your mattress can't go to the elevator?
  • Are you hesitant because shipping is too expensive?
  • Do you think the average mattress is too firm?


Don't worry, Jinlongheng's compression roll mattress can help you solve the above problems.

1. Conventional packing mattress

Conventional packaging means that after the good memory foam mattress is produced, the inner packaging tape and the outer packaging kraft paper are directly covered, and the delivery can be arranged after packaging.


The disadvantages of the conventional mattress packaging method:

Due to the overall packaging of the mattress, the packaging of the mattress is too large and the transportation volume is large. If it is a bulk order, the cost is high. Large sized mattresses may not be accessible in elevators and are inconvenient for high floor transportation.



2. Compression packing mattress

Compressed mattress refers to a mattress that comes rolled up in a box and is compressed by a professional machine after the mattress is produced, and then put into a wooden pallet after being compressed. A mattress can be compressed as thin as 3-5 cm, and a wooden pallet can usually hold 20-30 mattresses. As a bulky cargo, mattresses have always been a difficult transportation problem. Mattresses are large in size, occupy a lot of space, and have a small number of container transportation and high transportation costs.


hotel latex mattress  

The emergence of compressed mattresses has effectively reduced the transportation volume of mattresses, greatly reduced the transportation cost of mattresses, made long-distance transportation possible, and has also enabled China to gradually become the most important mattress production base in the world. On the other hand, because the compressed mattress is usually packaged in whole pallets, the volume is compressed and the transportation volume is reduced, but it is too heavy and needs to be transported by a professional forklift and disassembled by a professional machine.


3. Rolled mattress in a box

Rolled mattress refers to the fact that after the mattress is produced and compressed by a professional machine, it is put on the mattress rolling machine for rolling. It is a further improvement on the basis of the compressed mattress. It can effectively save the transportation volume. In addition, because the mattress is packaged in a single sheet, it is more convenient to carry. It is especially suitable for online sellers and families with small elevators or no elevators. It effectively solves the difficulty and cost of going upstairs with the mattress.



1. Save a lot of costs for going upstairs and transportation;

2. Good quality:

The materials used in the mattress are all high standard materials in the industry.

3. Good sleeping feeling:

The independent pocket spring and functional foam are ergonomic, and the hardness is determined according to the weight of the human body.


Independent pocket springs are widely used in the manufacture of double mattresses because they have super non-interfering characteristics, and are highly respected by major mattress brands. Each spring in the independent stand-up pocket spring is put into the bag independently, and the springs that are subjected to separate force and not affect the uncompressed springs next to them. Therefore, the effect of lying down and sleeping without interference is produced, which greatly reduces the influence of the user's actions such as turning over and getting up at night on the sleeping partner. So if you are buying a double mattress, it is recommended that you buy a pocket spring mattress.


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