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Beds, bed frames, bed bases, and headborads are the main products in our factory, we have the professional expert to help you increase your sales. With the Very competitively price, we are make sure our beds will help you a lot. Our material with the all kinds of certificate, we can fit for all the market, and we not only have normal knocked down design, but some other special designs. Our ODM team will help you to create the best beds with your own brand.

Choosing A Suitable Commercial Hotel Bed Frames

People always spend too much time buying mattresses and conceiving how to decorate hotel rooms, often neglecting the choice of bed frame.


The bed frame is the support frame below the mattress. In the past, the bed frame played a key and important role in supporting the mattress. However, in modern home design, the bed frame is also a highlight of the decorative effect, so how to choose a suitable hotel commercial bed frame, let’s take a look at the basic introduction of the bed frame.

1. What is a bed frame ?

The bed frame is a scaffold that supports the mattress and its foundation. In short, the bed frame is the common furniture used to place the mattress. There are many types of bed frames. At present, there are mainly solid wood, metal, and soft upholstered. The bed frame can be very simple or very complicated. Although the bed frame is not necessary, the bed frame will make people more comfortable. Second, what to look at when choosing a bed frame.

1. Look at the size of the mattress

To buy a bed frame, the first thing you need to know is to know the size of the mattress, such as a single bed or a double bed. If you don’t know the detailed size, you still have to measure to confirm the standard bed frame that fits your mattress.

Four common mattress standard sizes:

2. Look at the hotel bedroom area.

In addition to knowing the size of the mattress, you need to know the size of the bedroom clearly, plan the room with other furniture besides the bed, and how much space can be free to move freely.

3. Set off the style of the hotel room.

This is related to the decoration style of the hotel and the style of other furniture in the room. Is it modern or traditional? You can choose a corresponding bed frame to match different styles.

4. Look at the height of the mattress.

If you want to choose a suitable commercial hotel bed frame, the height of the mattress also needs to be taken into consideration. If you buy a mattress that is too high, some bed frames are not suitable. Not only the appearance may not be very beautiful, but the guests are comfortable to use. Degree will also decrease.

5. How high is the bed frame suitable ?

The general rule of thumb is that when you sit on the edge of the bed, you should be able to lay your feet flat on the ground. Your knees and hips should be straight. If your knees are higher than your hips, your bed frame may be too low. If your feet do not touch the floor, your bed frame is too high.

6. Bed frame and headboard.

For some hotels pursuing a simple appearance, they will use the wall as the background instead of setting up the headboard. But the headboard is also good because it can provide softer and better support when the guest is reading or watching TV.


The above introduction is related to the selection of hotel commercial bed frames. Now more and more people are looking for not only comfort, but also beauty. I hope this content is helpful to you.

Is Hotel Headboard Useless Furniture ?

The hotel headboard is generally easy to be overlooked by everyone, but when you stand in a hotel and admire the view of the room, you may feel as if something is missing and what is wrong. It is very likely that the hotel headboard is not selected properly. The headboard is not only the face of the bed, but also the face of the bedroom. The brilliant headboard can play a finishing touch.



Don't think that the hotel's headboard is just a board that occupies the space. It should be emphasized that in addition to decoration, it also has several functions. It is really a necessary tool for the bedroom and it is worth having.

Basic functions of hotel headboard :

1. Protective effect.

If there is no headboard at the head of the bed, the wall will conduct moisture, and over time, migraines will occur. Therefore, the headboard protects the head and prevents moisture from entering the brain. At the same time, it can also cut off the direct contact with the wall and isolate the cold feeling of the wall.

2. Rely on the role.

Before going to bed at night, guests can lie on it halfway, reading a book or swiping the phone for a while. If there is a headboard, you can lean comfortably without a pillow, which increases the comfort of the guests.

3. Partition barrier.

Using it as a presentation of partitions is another upgraded display, suitable for the creation of long and narrow hotel bedrooms.


The construction of the natural barrier re-divided the layout of the bedroom, and the integration of the headboard and the partition function made the three-dimensional feeling in the hotel space more intense.

4. Prevent items from falling from the seam of the bed.

Practical reasons, on the one hand, avoid the pillow falling down, because people have dynamics in sleep, even if they are next to the wall, there is no such thing as a headboard. On the other hand, the headboard can press the sheet to avoid under the sheet slippery away.

5. Decorative effect.

First of all, the purpose of the headboard is to serve as a sign, allowing guests to see at a glance which side their head is facing when sleeping. In addition, whether the design of a bed is good or not, the headboard occupies a big factor. The overall feeling of having a headboard is a little more atmospheric, a little more regular, and looks better than a headboard without a headboard.

6. Psychological influence.

Psychologically speaking, the bedside will be insecure. If you sleep for a long time, it will lead to nervousness, suspiciousness, poor sleep quality, which is not good for your health. Avoid the feeling of "unreliable" and enhance the sense of security of the guests.


Therefore, for a five-star hotel, whether it is decoration style or customer experience, the hotel headboard is a necessary piece of furniture.

Hotel Platform Bed Frame Meets Your DIY Wants

Platform bed frames are becoming more popular as time passes. The fact is that they provide a very simple, basic structure that is easy to assemble. These frames are designed so that the mattress sits directly on the platform that is attached to the wall. This is accomplished by four short legs that connect the bed to the platform and have slats or grooves cut out in the front to allow for the mattress to sit directly on top. They are available in many different styles and designs to meet any taste.


A platform bed frame can easily be assembled without the need of a professional. All that is needed is the instruction manual that is provided with the purchase of the bed. In some cases, the instructions may be downloaded online and downloaded to your computer. In most cases, you simply strap the frame to the mattress, lay the mattress on the platform and bolt it down into place.


Another reason that people choose platform beds is because they are extremely affordable and space saving. In today's economy, we all want to save money wherever we can. One way that people do this is by not having to rent extra furniture when they are not using it. When a bed is platform, the entire bed will be the same size, which means that there is no extra room that is not used. Therefore, the overall cost of the bed is reduced.


Another benefit of purchasing a platform bed frame is that they are often easier to assemble than a traditional bed. Usually, you won't have to pay an extra professional to help you put it together. Since everything is basically the same size and design, all that you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the bed. Some people even assemble their platform bed in their garage. All that is required is access to a set of long screws and a few hand tools.


If you are thinking of buying a hotel platform bed, then you will certainly be amazed at how inexpensive they can be. The average frame can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on the brand name and what type of material is used in its construction. While this may seem like a big investment, if you use it in your hotel room every night, it will end up saving you a lot of money over the long run. In addition, if you ever decide to take your bed with you on a trip, it will still be there.


The best part about purchasing a hotel platform bed frame is that they are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can find something to fit in with any decor or theme that you already have in your home. Not only that, but they are also very easy to assemble, so you won't have any problems putting it together on your own. All that you need to do is follow the instructions that come with it and strap it onto the frame, and you are all set.

Finding The Best Wooden Bed Frame King Size

This wooden bed frame king is the best selection if you wish to have elegance in your bedroom. It is made of pure white wood. It comes with ornamental details on the bed posts and footboard. Due to its elegant design, it will definitely enhance the look of your room.


If you prefer to have a mattress that has a comfortable feel even after long time of sleep, you must consider having this wooden king size bed frame. You can choose from various sizes including twin, full, queen and California King sizes. The mattress has a removable foam padding that provides adequate cushioning.


This type of wooden bed frame king comes with two types of mattress. You can choose from Comfort Seats and Hardwood Frame Mattress. It has a black finish that blends well with all the furnishings in the bedroom. The mattress is made of grey wooden solid and has the footboard and side panels in black color.


If you wish to have a white wooden bed frame, you can have the same with this design. It also has the same frame as the black frame but with a lighter gray color. If you prefer a single bed frame, this one can also do. It comes with a twin size with a full round wooden frame. You can use it for children to enjoy their sleep.


You can have a dark wood with white frame if you wish to have an elegant bedroom design. This dark wood with white frame has the same style as the single bed frame king size bed frame with foam and wood finishing. This one also comes with a matching headboard and matching footboard in the same dark wood finish. The complete unit has a head and footboard in black and white finish.


You can have a super king size wooden bed frame with foam and dark wood finish at the same time. The best thing about this unit is that it is able to maintain its shape even if you have two or more children sleeping on it. It is not just enough to have a king size platform bed frame but to have the comfort as well. This unit is made with high quality materials to make sure that it will last for a long period of time. If you are dreaming to have a great night's sleep, it is best to go with the Kingsize Bed Frame King Size Bed frame with Foam and Wood Finishing.

Choosing A Hotel Platform Bed Frame

Platform beds are a relatively new type of bed design that has been becoming more popular in the last few years. Platform bed frames feature a mattress that attaches to the top bunk, rather than the bottom. This means that you have the freedom to adjust your mattress position on the platform bed frame at any given time, so that you may need to adapt it as your child grows and develops.


A hotel platform bed frame makes it easier for parents to provide a comfortable bed for their child when they are traveling. Because a bed that simply sits atop a platform bed is much simpler than one that uses a regular bed frame, it is usually less expensive. The frame of a platform bed is generally made from steel or aluminum, and can be made with various wood stains and finishes. They are available in many different sizes, and can be made to accommodate different sized children. This is great when you are traveling with a young infant who may outgrow a crib.


When you are shopping for a platform bed frame supplier, you should focus on their products quality. A poorly built bed can have disastrous consequences if something happens to it during travel. If you are looking for something durable, consider purchasing one online. There are a number of websites that specialize in selling beds, including ones that are sold in stores as well. However, you may want to take some time to physically examine the bed in question before purchasing. You can use as much common sense as you like, but it never hurts to get a little advice from an actual person just like yourself.


Platform bed frames can be found by looking in any local furniture section. Another place to look is in the large chain stores such as Sears, Target, K-Mart, and Best Buy. These large retailers typically carry a large selection of platform beds, and it is in their best interest to have them in stock. They stand to make the most money off of a platform bed since it is an item that they will not be having to replace for a very long time.


Before you purchase your bed frame, you should do a little bit of research. Take a look at what different types of beds are out there. It is likely that you will find something that catches your eye. You should also look at what the manufacturer has to say about the bed. Sometimes manufacturers will place advertisements in various places, so it may pay to search for these as well.


In the end, when you are buying a hotel platform bed frame, you will need to look at the quality and durability first. From there, you can think about whether or not you will want to put the bed in a guest room, or whether or not it is right for your home. After you have decided on this, you can look towards getting the bed customized so that it will fit into your specific room.



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