Definition of Antimicrobial Spring Mattresses

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  • Date:2022/02/17

What are antimicrobials ?

Material or substance that inhibits or kills the growth of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria or mites. Some people have allergic reactions to these organisms and must sleep on surfaces that prevent or inhibit the growth of microorganisms.


What is an antibacterial mattress ?

JLH antimicrobial mattresses can provide an attractive environment for the propagation and reproduction of these microorganisms. Retailers often sell mattresses with antimicrobial or antimicrobial materials to ensure their customers can sleep soundly on a hygienic sleeping surface.


Latex and memory foam mattresses are inherently antimicrobial. Many mattress toppers and spring mattresses have specially treated filling to prevent or inhibit the buildup of harmful organisms. While no mattress is absolutely guaranteed to be 100% germ-free, antibacterial mattresses can and often do inhibit the growth of germs before they have a chance to negatively affect them.


Many people are allergic to :

  • mite
  • pollen
  • insect bites
  • animal hair


Different types of food

There are also certain types of allergies unique to certain people and certain objects and materials, but house dust mites are the most common cause. Dust mites are tiny spiders that mainly breed in indoor dust, but they also live in mattresses and beds. They feed on:

  • textile fiber
  • composition of dust
  • human skin flakes
  • organic waste
  • animal and human hair


The allergy itself is caused by dust mite excrement. Dust mites find optimal conditions to grow and exist inside mattresses, duvets, pillows, quilts and quilted fabrics, as they require a lot of humidity and warmth. When you sleep, you get rid of dead skin, which is food for dust mites. There are various molds and fungi in mattresses, such as Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Alternaria, etc. These can also trigger serious allergic reactions.


By purchasing an antibacterial product from Jinglongheng Mattress, consumers can benefit in several ways. Natural antimicrobial protection helps prevent the multiplication of product-destroying microbes that could otherwise shorten the life of your mattress. Odors and stain-causing microorganisms are also reduced, which helps keep the product cleaner and fresher. Not to mention, when you sleep on an antibacterial mattress, you know you're safe from germs and dust mites.



There are many advantages to having an anti microbial mattress. It is easy to clean and promotes healthy sleeping hygiene. Besides, sleep is our body's natural healing process. We shouldn't disturb it by microscopic agents. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and odourless, which is a plus for people who are prone to allergies. So, how do you choose an anti microbial mattress?


Our antimicrobial mattress wholesale is a perfect choice if you're allergic to certain bacteria. It is also a better option if you're prone to asthma or allergic reactions. An anti microbial mattress is odourless and is a plus for allergy sufferers. It has a 3D breathable band that allows air to flow properly and prevents smells from accumulating. Additionally, it keeps your bedding dry, which is a plus for allergy sufferers.



Moreover, They are hypoallergenic, odourless, and skin-friendly, which makes them the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. They also provide extra comfort as they are odourless and hypoallergenic. Another added benefit to anti microbial mattresses is that they are odourless, which gives you a more refreshing feeling while sleeping. The 3D breathable band is also helpful in keeping bedding dry, which is important because an unpleasant kinky smell can ruin your mood.


In addition, you should also consider the antibacterial mattress cover. The antibacterial mattress cover is made with a high-quality silky textile that prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The mattress cover is typically removable and washable, allowing you to clean your bed with a single product. An antimicrobial mattress is ideal for people who have allergies to microorganisms.


Apart from being odourless, anti microbial mattresses are also hypoallergenic. They can help you stay healthy and fit by preventing the growth of mites and other germs. Furthermore, they can prevent the growth of mold and mildew and prevent the spread of allergens in your bedding. This makes an anti microbial mattress a good investment for your health. The benefits it offers are worth the price.


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