Unique Design 14-Inch 7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress Wool Hybrid - Memory Foam Supportive - Mattress in a Box

  • General Use: Home Furniture
  • Model: 33PA-20
  • Brand Name: JLH Mattress
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong China
  • Certificates: ISO 9001:2000, BS7177, CFR1633
  • Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Guarantee: 15 years guarantee
  • Minimum Order: 20 feet container
  • Price Term: FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)
  • Payment Terms: L/C T/T
  • Packaging Details: Wooden Stand, PVC Bag, Brown Paper
  • Delivery: From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 30 days base on the type and the quantity of the mattresses you ordered.
  • Soft Hardness: Soft


JLH mattress are design to be fashion, with decompression, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, breathability, antibacterial and anti-mite properties, this mattress can absorb and decompose the body's pressure.

During the development for years, JLH has passed various national quality certifications and has won many honors. Now the company is a leader in both the production and the R&D of pocket spring mattress. We provides a wide range of pocket spring mattress for customers. Pocket spring mattress has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.Rayson runs the business in good faith and strives to provide quality services for customers.For product details and quotations, please feel free to contact us.


What factors should you consider when choosing a mattress manufacturer? The first factor that you should consider is to look at the reputation of the custom factory. Many times, you are going to find companies that will claim they have the best quality mattresses, yet when you get them home and try one out you will find that it is not at all what you were expecting. This can be a big problem, because if a company is making defective products then you may not have a legitimate case against them. What you need to do is to find a mattress manufacturer that has a good reputation. There are three places where you can find this reputation.


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If you are not looking at an online review site, then you should look into the factory where the mattress manufacturer keeps their manufacturing. This is important because you want to see firsthand what kind of quality control and attention to detail they pay to each mattress that is produced. You can talk to people in the factory and ask them questions about the mattresses. If you plan on buying a Tempurpedic mattress, then you need to know how good of a job the manufacturing staff does with each one.


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33PA-20 Features

Layer 1

High end kniited fabric

Layer 2


Layer 3

2cm Gel-memory foam

Layer 4

Thick convoluted foam

Layer 5

4cm Air Memory foam

Layer 6

4cm High density soft foam

Layer 7

20cm Special firmer Pocket spring with foam encasement


Bottom Fabric

Comfortable Surface

1. High end knitted fabric gives you a comfortable surface. Premium knit technology for superior softer feel.

2. Wool fiber on the top gives superior comfort and helps to regulate temperature.

Wool Fiber

Gel-infused Memory Foam

3. Adaptive layers of gel-infused memory foam are paired with our high density performance foam core, reducing tossing and turning while providing superior pressure relief and spinal alignment for a truly restful sleep.

4. Air memory foam. This is an open cell foam that is proven to dry daster than other potions thanks in part to the open cell nature very resilient anf buoyant.

Air Memory Foam

Size (cm)

40HQ Loading Qty (pcs)
















The Size Can Be Customized!

33PA-20 Certificate





CFR1633 & BS7177

Patent Certificates by China Patent Office

Intertek Audit Manufacturer

China Top 10 Mattress Brand

Something important I need to say:

1. In fact, some parameter such as pattern, structure, height and size can be customized.

2. Maybe you are confused about what is the potential best-sell pocket spring mattress. Well, thanks to 20 years experience, we will give you some professional advises.

3. Our core value is to help you create more profit.

4. We are glad to share our knowledge with you, just talk with us.

Send us your inquiry now, get free design service!

Spring Mattress Supplier offers you a desire of exceptional products, which is extraordinary for these who are searching for the exceptional mattress in town. These mattresses are normally extra highly-priced than normal ones due to the fact of their first-rate and design. When deciding on a mattress, you will first want to locate out what your price range is. If you are on a tight budget, then you will have to save round till you locate some thing that you can afford.


There are numerous elements that you will want to think about when shopping for a king size pocket sprung mattress. It is essential to select a spring mattress that is at ease for you. If you go in for a excessive fine spring mattress, then you will likely prefer to purchase it from a famous store. If you favor to keep some money, then you will be capable to discover bargain mattresses as well. However, you need to now not sacrifice remedy simply to store some money, due to the fact it will be vain in the lengthy run.


You will additionally want to think about the degree of firmness that you choose your mattress to offer. The firmness of the mattress will decide how nicely you will sleep. If you choose greater alleviation and higher sleep, then you will favor to go in for the firmest mattress reachable in the market. If you are now not certain what kind of firmness you will require for yourself, then you must test with a health practitioner or a sleep specialist earlier than making a purchase.


There are additionally a variety of types of springs reachable in the market. People commonly go in for reminiscence foam mattresses when they choose to add more alleviation to their bed. There are additionally latex mattresses accessible if you are searching for a luxurious mattress. In order to get the proper kind of mattress, you need to do some lookup on the net or speak to the salesperson at the store. The salesperson can also be in a position to advise a precise kind of mattress for you based totally upon your needs.


Most humans have a tendency to go in for a sprung mattress when it is time to substitute their current mattress. If you are searching for a more cost-effective option, then you have to think about shopping for a coil spring mattress. Spring mattresses are convenient to gather due to the fact all you will want are some screws and a few nuts. A spring mattress is lighter and less high priced than a trendy mattress. Therefore, if you are planning to exchange your current mattress, then you need to without a doubt think about buying a spring mattress.


Spring mattresses are accessible in most of the departmental stores, bedding stores and in some supermarkets. You will truely discover a spring mattress that fits your wishes and budget. However, earlier than you make a purchase, you have to do some  


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