2020 New Design Hand Tufted 5 Zones Pocket Spring, Wool, Natural Latex, Luxury Mattress for Home/Hotel

  • General Use: Home Furniture
  • Model: 34PD-11
  • Brand Name: JLH Mattress
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong China
  • Certificates: ISO 9001:2000, BS7177, CFR1633
  • Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Guarantee: 15 years guarantee
  • Minimum Order: 20 feet container
  • Price Term: FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)
  • Payment Terms: L/C T/T
  • Packaging Details: Wooden Stand, PVC Bag, Brown Paper
  • Delivery: From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 30 days base on the type and the quantity of the mattresses you ordered.
  • Soft Hardness: Soft

Natureal Latex Innerspring Mattress Details

If you chat between latex mattresses and interior mattresses, please note that they are two very different types of mattresses with a different nature. Many people are used to an inner forest, but if you have the opportunity to buy a latex mattress, you must enjoy it. Latex is better than the inner forest in different ways.


What is a latex mattress ?

Latex mattresses have no springs or coils. Different from the Interspring mattress, the natural latex mattress is a material: latex. You may want to know what latex is. It is a natural product of the sap of the rubber tree. Milky white sap is treated in a bed block, which has a natural elastic, offering excellent spinal support.


Therefore, the latex mattress will be mild, but it is soft and soft without spring or reel. Because of its natural cellular structure, the latex is very breathable, which is ideal for the hot climate in Singapore. In addition, the latex mattress has a pinhole to further improve the natural gas stream.


In addition, latex is a natural resistance and resistance to dust, without having to add chemicals, compared to internal and external forests. Interspring mattresses usually adds chemicals to these purposes.


Latex mattresses are widely regarded as the most comfortable mattress of today's market. In fact, the latex mattress enjoys a great deal of customer satisfaction. They are also one of the most durable markets on the market, which can remain soft and comfortable. On average, latex mattresses are generally more expensive than the inner forest. However, there is a latex mattress, you will find that the benefit of you is worth the extra money.


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