Why Hotel Memeory Foam Mattress So Popular ?

  • By:JLH
  • Date:2022/01/13

From many feedbacks of our clients, the hotel memory foam mattress is an ideal choice for people who suffer from joint and back pain. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, a memory foam mattress is softer and conforms to the shape of the body, eliminating pressure points and promoting a restful sleep.This is why many luxury hotels choose this type of mattress.



The top layer of a memory foam mattress is three inches thick and a three-pound density. The middle layer has two-inch layers that are designed to give you firm support. The base layer is three inches thick and serves as a solid foundation for the upper layers. If you need a slightly firmer mattress, you may want to consider a latex mattress. This type of mattress is an excellent choice for people with back pain or those who have trouble sleeping on their sides.


Global hotels have been dedicated themsleves into high quality inn romm with 5 star hotel bed mattress, That because a spring mattress will give your customers to feel their back pain relief, this type of mattress will prevent them from feeling a sinking sensation, therefore, leave high impression to their clients. For clients, the mattress will conform to the curves of your body so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep. While you're at the hotel, be sure to ask the hotel manager about the benefits of a memory foam mattress before you book a room. You'll be glad you did.



A luxury hotel latex mattress has a softer feel than a traditional one, and it is recommended for people who suffer from joint and back pain. Because it will conform to your body's curves, it is a comfortable and relaxing option for your stay in luxury hotels. These mattresses are not the norm in a luxury hotel, but if you insist, you can request a memory foam mattress. Once you get used to the feel of a memory-foam mattress, you'll never want to go back to a traditional one.


As hotel spring mattress supplier, JingLongHeng has over years experience in mattress market. Our luxury hotel memory foam mattress will keep customers feel cool and comfortable while they sleep. It is also sensitive to body temperature and can provide the right amount of softness and hardness for personal comfort. This will ensure get a restful sleep. It's also known for its slow-rebound quality. If your want to boost your hotel business, Equip with the memory foam mattress for each room is a great way to keep many customers. 


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