Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

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  • Date:2021/05/07

Hotels know that the highest priority of exhausted travelers is getting an honest night’s sleep, which is why high-end hotels spare no expense when purchasing beds and bedding. If you long for the best hotel bed, but would rather not live at the 5 star hotel, head over to mattress world.


Our company has everything you would like to recreate the sensation of awakening refreshed and energized at an expensive hotel.


The best hotel bed: a case study in perfection


Hotels didn’t always put such a lot of emphasis on the sleep needs of their guests. In 1999, hotel management took an in-depth check-out survey of travelers. It informed them that what travelers want most out of a hotel may be a good night’s sleep. the top result? A 5 star hotel spent $50 million to research the right bed and outfit their rooms with it.


Over a year was spent in meticulous marketing research. the corporate pushed 50 beds into a hotel ballroom. The beds were purchased from 35 different chain hotels and many other home boutiques. The researchers then had the enviable job of lying around all day to work out which bed was best. After snoozing on many mattresses, the researchers developed their very own Heavenly Bed.


The best hotel bed may be a thing of beauty, with a custom-made pillow-top mattress, 250-thread count sheets, plush pillows, and down duvets. one among the signatures of the simplest hotel bed is that the color scheme—all white. Westin researchers determined that white sheets, pillowcases, and duvets created a “halo effect” that triggered the sensation of serenity. It also makes the bedroom look recently renovated.


Does the sort of mattress matter?


Many 5 star hotel chains, use pillow-top mattresses, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a pillow top is that the right choice for you. Some hotel chains find that their guests tend to prefer memory foam or a medium-firm innerspring. Each sort of bed has its own unique advantages. The trick to getting the proper night’s sleep is to undertake out numerous types to seek out the best hotel bed for you.


Add hotel-style bedding


Once you’ve found the simplest mattress type, firmness level, and size for your bedroom, it’s time to decorate it up with hotel-style bedding. Experts recommend that you use five pillows during your hotel experience. The best hotel beds follow a rule, each bed is equipped with two feather pillows, two feather replacement pillows, and one boudoir pillow.


Choose white sheets with a high thread count—at least 250 or 300. otherwise, you can use three sheets for the best hotel bed—a flat sheet, middle sheet, and contour sheet. Top your masterpiece with a white, plush duvet, and obtainable to snooze like it’s going out of favor.


Build your own version of the best hotel bed


Our specialists want to assist you to build the right sleep experience for your needs. We encourage you to undertake our big choice of memory foam, latex, innerspring, pillow top, Euro top, and hybrid mattresses to seek out the proper choice for you.


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