What To Look For When Buying A Foam Mattress

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  • Date:2021/01/30

When looking for the right mattress, you should consider a memory foam mattress. This type of mattress offers several advantages over traditional mattresses and springs. It also has the added benefit of being able to help prevent problems with back pain and insomnia.

What are memory foam mattresses? Memory foam is what's called low-pressure polyurethane foam, or viscoelastic foam. It's made by adding different chemicals and additives to polyurethane foam, which alters depending on what kind of foam is being produced. The result is softer and more supportive than traditional spring mattresses, providing pressure relief while you sleep.

But there's more! Low-pressure polyurethane foam can also be useful in preventing sickness and other problems. For instance, it reduces the risk of airway blockage, helping those who toss and turn throughout the night to avoid pressure sores. It may even help eliminate health problems that arise from dust mites, which can cause everything from allergies to asthma to problems with the bowels.

How does a memory foam mattress work? The material is designed to move with the body heat of the person using it, simulating the shape of an adult's body. Because it has tiny air pockets, it retains most of the heat it receives, which means that even when it isn't temperature sensitive, it will retain heat long after the bed has been turned off. This prevents hot flashes from occurring during the night and helps your body stay cool when you wake up in the morning.

Memory foam is made of a polyurethane polyester and isn't like regular foam at all. Memory foam is shaped by the weight and pressure of the body and because it moves and conforms to those changes, it reduces the effect of gravity by creating less pressure on parts of the body that are heavy. This reduces pressure points and helps relieve pain. Some people have compared its feel to the feel of falling water, as it closely conforms to the contours of the original shape.

The foam's use as a contouring system comes from the way that the denser portions of the foam form to the pressure points. The best part is that this contouring can be adjusted so that it provides the most support while allowing the individual to sleep in a more central position. For instance, many memory foam mattresses are made to provide more support to the lumbar region while the neck and shoulders are supported by firm foam in the top bunk. This way, the sleeper never has to turn their body during the night, which allows them to maintain proper spinal alignment and provide maximum comfort. In some cases, lower back pain has been relieved by sleeping on a mattress with a little bit less density.

When comparing memory foam mattresses, it's important to look at both the quality and quantity of foam used. High quality foam mattresses contain thicker and more consistent amounts of foam. This means that the sleeper receives the same level of comfort throughout the night without having to move. On the other hand, high quality memory foam mattresses come in smaller sizes, making them perfect for people who need the comfort but don't want to make a sleeping arrangement large enough to accommodate a full-sized bed.

One more advantage that makes memory foam mattresses stand apart is that they have no moving parts. All air flow through the mattress must be done by the springs, which means that if one component malfunctions, you can pretty much bet that the rest will be affected as well. This is not the case with foam. Since all air moves by the same pattern, any malfunctioning springs or slats results in only the amount of air that is displaced changing, not the overall pressure. This means that even if a spring inside the mattress begins to squeak or move slightly when you first put it in the bed, the overall pressure will remain the same.


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