Spring Mattress: Types and Advantages

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  • Date:2021/05/07

Spring mattresses, also referred to as innerspring mattresses, are the foremost traditional sort of mattresses. They're great for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and people with lower back pain. they're also an excellent option for heavier individuals who find that foam mattresses don't offer the support they have.


Types of Spring Mattresses


The different sorts of spring mattresses are often identified by the precise coils or springs that are used. The thicker the coils of an innerspring mattress, the firmer it's. Thinner coils are less firm but are ready to shape your body profile tons better.

There are four different types of innerspring mattresses: pocketed, offset coil, Bonnell coil, and continuous coil. the upper the coil count, the higher the mattress will conform to your body shape.


Pocket coils: Pocket coils are individual springs wrapped during a fabric cover. they have a tendency to be costlier to form and may often be found in higher-end mattresses. the development of those coils allows each coil to function on its own — conforming to pressure independently and separating motion.


Offset coils: Like pocket coils, offset coils are often found in higher-end innerspring mattresses. they need an hourglass shape with flat tops and bottoms that join alongside helical wires. These sorts of coils are stiff, durable, and conform to your body.


Bonnell coils: Bonnell coils are often found in the most cheaper options of spring mattresses. they're hourglass-shaped and have a good portion that flexes therefore the body can sink when weight is applied.


Continuous coils: Continuous coils are more supportive than Bonnell coils because they're composed of an extended wire that's twisted into many S-shaped coils. These coils are connected by helical lacing that gives support and creates a motion-isolating feature.




Spring mattresses are generally made from three layers. There is a layer of coil spring under the high-density foam base. These springs are surrounded by layers of comfort material that include materials like natural fibers, foam, or latex. The metal coils are surrounded by supportive layers on rock bottom and a comfort material at the highest. the sort of mattress you select will determine what coil type and layout are employed.




Provide good support for the back.

There are multiple levels of firmness to choose from.

Cost-effective and budget-friendly.


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