Big Country Brand! [Jinlongheng • Mattress] Won the New China 70 Years 70 Brand

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  • Date:2020/01/04

Big Country Brand! [Jinlongheng • Mattress] Won the New China 70 Years 70 Brand

On October 15, the rustling October autumn wind blew across the Beijing sky. The grand celebration of the brand on the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, co-sponsored by CCTV great power brand and China advertising association, was held in the national convention center of the capital Beijing. Representatives from the national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of education, the Chinese academy of sciences, the academy of engineering and other relevant departments, as well as experts and scholars, attended the meeting. Leading brands from 70 industries across the country gather here. As a representative brand in the domestic furniture mattress industry, Jinlongheng mattress has been honored as "70 brand in the 70 years since the founding of new China", which is the honorable certification for the enterprise to forge ahead in 28 years.

Big Country Brand

Huang Haochang, general manager of Jinlongheng, said that China's 70 years of development has witnessed the strength of the Chinese nation, and China is now moving from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. As a big country brand, innovation is the driving force, truly close to life, to meet the core needs of consumers, to find their own core advantages and differences. In the past 28 years, Jinlongheng • romaneisa has continuously updated and iterated from the perspective of consumers, allowing consumers to experience high-quality healthy sleep products and making contributions to the brand power.

[Jinlongheng • Mattress] Won the New China 70 Years 70 Brand

Pay tribute to the era with ingenuity, pay tribute to the future with innovative culture, create a great brand. The development of the brand is the crystallization of ingenuity and innovation culture. The development from a small workshop 28 years ago to a big country brand today is through the accumulation of strength precipitation, more milestone leap.

Won the New China 70 Years 70 Brand

In the 2003 Canton fair, Jinlongheng successfully compressed the 30-cm mattress into 5cm thick by virtue of its innovative mattress compression technology, which greatly reduced the transportation space and reduced the transportation cost. This crazy move greatly shocked Chinese and foreign businesses. In 2004, it was upgraded to develop vacuum compression technology, which opened the door of export.

With rising consumption comes challenges. Jinlongheng mattress once again proposed the concept of "digital sleep", through accurate and scientific sleep data to find the sleep code on consumers, to create a healthy golden sleep space.

Big country brand is not only product export, but also cultural export

By virtue of its high quality and innovative technology, Jinlongheng has established cooperation with 108 countries in the world, such as the United States, Australia and Turkey. Jinlongheng mattress not only sells mattress products, but also exports the brand's healthy sleep culture.

Looking forward to the future, general manager Huang Haochang said that brand is the life of the enterprise, but also the core embodiment of contemporary national competitiveness and international status. Jinlongheng mattress will shoulder the heavy responsibility entrusted by The Times, continue to build the brand with the spirit of ingenuity, bring high-quality healthy sleep products to the people of China, go to the world, hand in hand with China's excellent brands, to achieve the "brand power dream"!

Brand Power Dream


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