How To Choose JLH 5 Star Hotel Mattress ?

  • By:JLH
  • Date:2021/09/10

The core service provided by the 5 star hotel is rest, and one of the important factors affecting the quality of rest is the quality of the mattress. Therefore, 5 star hotel mattresses  have high requirements for mattress selection, including mattress fabric, elasticity, filler, size, and even suppliers.

1. Fabric selection

The texture and workmanship of a mattress can be seen directly from the mattress fabric. Whether it is the quilting process of the mattress surface or the embroidery pattern, it is strictly controlled and supported by technology. JLH overall pattern of the mattress is complete and the radian is consistent, without wrinkles, jumpers, and floating lines. The human body is in contact with the mattress, and there will be no allergies, and it is comfortable and safe.

2. Spring selection

Hotel mattresses will be used more frequently than ordinary families, so the elasticity requirements for mattress springs will be higher. Nowadays, most of the mattresses are spring mattresses. Regardless of the material of the mattress, the mattress spring is the core. The number and size of the spring mattress directly affect the softness and comfort of the mattress. When choosing a spring mattress here, it should be noted that a high-quality spring mattress has no other sound. If there is a noise, it proves that there is a problem with the quality of the spring. If the mattress can be opened, we can see if the spring inside has been processed for rust prevention. If not, try not to buy this kind of mattress.


Jinlongheng has a complete spring production workshop, the quality and cycle of spring production can be better guaranteed, and major hotel buyers are also welcome to visit our factory.


3. Filler selection

When choosing a 5 star hotel spring mattress, not only look at the mattress surface and springs, but also look at the filling inside the mattress. The padding inside the mattress is the key to determining the comfort of the mattress. In order to make huge profits, some businesses use shoddy fillers to save costs. Consumers will not find this kind of black cotton mattress in a short time. After a period of time use, problems such as allergies will occur, and the serious ones will endanger health.


4. Size selection

When buying a 5 star hotel mattress, you should also pay attention to the size of the mattress. The length and width of the mattress should be consistent with the height and weight of the person we use.And add 20 cm to your height as the best size so that you can turn on the bed freely when you sleep. There is enough space for us to flip freely. Generally, the choice of mattress size depends on our own needs.


But for the hotel, It does not specifically stipulate how tall people are suitable for sleeping. whether it sleeps one or two people, the mattress is generally wider, and it is suitable for anyone to sleep. Therefore, the hotel can customize mattresses of different sizes according to the room size, and JLH can also design a mattress of suitable size for you.


Jinlongheng has professional technical support, high-quality product quality, and provides hotel marketing advice. If you are interested, please feel free to let me know.


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