How the Best Hotel Mattress is Born and Evolved?

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  • Date:2021/05/14

The hotel mattress, in its many version, is 60 years old. It’s among the foremost sold sorts of the mattress, and in these years has allowed those that were trying to find the classic mattress spring sleep pleasure, to seek out this type of delight.


How the best hotel mattress is born and evolved?


Find out during this article the fascinating story behind the planning, the belief, and therefore the continuous improvement of the best hotel mattress!


The hotel mattress in the 60s


At the top of the 50s, with flakes and wool stuffed, took shape the steel hotel mattress with the Italian manufacture fabric. These characteristics have allowed the primary sales and distribution of this type of mattress.


The hotel mattress in the 80s


During these years the best hotel mattress has changed, both outside and inside. In fact, the primary quilted mattress without flakes was born. inside them was placed an enveloping casing to guard the suspension, made from expanded polyfoam.


The hotel mattress in 90s


In the 90s, with the increasing spread of dust mite allergies, the hotel mattress was equipped with a special hypoallergenic lining and it became removable because of perimeter zips to permit heat washability then to permit anyone to scrub it within the washer, then fight week after week the proliferation of the mites, while maintaining its hygiene.


The hotel mattress During the XXI Century!


After inserting the sensible handles to rotate the mattress, after introducing the hypoallergenic lining and permitting the mattress washability, we are working to enhance more and more the best hotel mattress appearance and its comfort.


In the last decade, the best hotel mattress has undergone changes in its construction just like the addition of the breathable bands, and new models, where the spring was combined with innovative materials like memory foam to get easier and innovative solutions.


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