Pros And Cros of Bamboo Charcoal Mattress

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  • Date:2022/01/20

1. What is a bamboo charcoal mattress ?

Bamboo charcoal mattresses are refined using the latest technology combined with modern scientific formulation methods. It is a mattress product mainly made of bamboo charcoal material plus other materials. It is a new type of composite mattress. Due to the use of bamboo charcoal, it has the effects of purifying air, moisture absorption, and sterilization. Bamboo charcoal mattress, as a new type of material bed, is suitable for use in summer, the moisture absorption effect is not bad, and it has a certain pure natural sterilization and purifying effect of dirty air.



2. The advantages and disadvantages of bamboo charcoal mattress.

First, the advantages of bamboo charcoal mattress.

(1) Moisture absorption and moisture resistance, good health care effect.

JLH pocket spring charcoal inside the bamboo charcoal mattress is made of bamboo after high temperature charcoal burning. Its structure is multi-cornered and microporous, which has a strong adsorption function, and also has the functions of absorbing heat to emit far infrared rays and shielding electromagnetic waves.It can absorb moisture, prevent moisture, purify the air, sterilize, and emit far infrared rays. It has a good health care effect on the human body, especially for rheumatic diseases and low back pain caused by cold and dampness.


(2) Green environmental protection, high reliability.

The bamboo charcoal material in the bamboo charcoal mattress is green and environmentally friendly, and has no irritating effect on the human body.


(3) Strong adsorption capacity, purify the air.

There are many gaps in the bamboo charcoal fiber, which can well absorb the gas emitted by the human body during sleep, and constantly renew the air on the bed, so as to achieve the effect of a comfortable body during sleep, and improve the overall quality of sleep.


(4) Improve sleep quality.

Bamboo foam mattress will more comfortable and warm after heating by electric blanket. The released negative ions and far infrared rays act on the human body, effectively promote the blood circulation of the human body, reduce the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body, promote the detoxification of the human body, and beautify the body.



Second, the disadvantages of bamboo charcoal mattresses.

Bamboo charcoal mattresses also have some shortcomings. First of all, the overall thickness of this mattress is only about 5-10cm. It must be used in conjunction with other mattresses to improve the supporting effect of the bamboo foam mattress. After adsorption, harmful gases are stored in it and need to be released, otherwise it will become a warehouse of harmful gases.


3. bamboo charcoal mattress maintenance tips.

The bedroom should also be suitable for ventilation.

Because the harmful gases are stored in the bamboo charcoal after adsorption, it needs to be released, otherwise it will become a warehouse of harmful gases. This is very important, because the regeneration function of bamboo charcoal is relatively strong. The harmful gases in the bamboo charcoal are fully released and its function is restored.


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